LED Light Bulbs

3200K and 5600K

save money

Energy Efficient

One 24 Pack of LED Bulbs can save you $147.53 per year compared to regular halogen or CFL Bulbs.

*Energy savings stated are compared to soft white incandescent.
**Years of life are based on 20,000-hr bulb lifetime and 3 hours of use per day.


3200K allows for warm and soft lighting, perfect for bedrooms, dining areas, living rooms, and lounges.


5600K allows for bright and vibrant lighting, perfect for offices, kitchens, laundry rooms, and work areas.

up to 18 years

Long Lasting

LED bulbs have a life span of 18 years, about 20,000 hour life.

top notch

Quality Counts

✔ Non-flickering LED Bulbs
✔ Easy on the eyes
✔ 220° of coverage