Solutions that
span the globe.

Factories in Japan, China, South Korea, Europe, & the USA.

 *As of January 2021.  The IRIS Group, which includes 8 companies and 18 factories outside of Japan, makes products seen across the world.

 We respond to the needs of customers throughout the globe by establishing local corporations and developing products with "user-in concepts,"  which are designed to suit the needs of customer lifestyles and cultures in each country.

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Product Innovation

IRIS Group Main Factories

Our factories in China are capable of handling a wide range of materials.

This enables the development of products made from a combination of different materials,  allowing us to create products that surpass industry boundaries.

A History of Innovation


From a subcontractor  in Higashiosaka to a new start as an industrial material  manufacturer.


Overcoming the oil  crisis and changing  how we do business.  Creating demand with  gardening products and  driving the gardening  boom.


Strengthening our role as a manufacturer- vendor as home  improvement market  grows.


Rapid expansion of  global development.  Starting to address  dissatisfaction with  household appliances.


Developing solutions  for Japan in the wake  of the Great Tohoku  Earthquake.


Launch of infection  prevention products in  an effort to stop the  spread of COVID-19.