Recommended IRIS Products Summer 2022

It’s summer! Take a look at what we have featured for this year as we selected items from every category that we think you’ll love. Click on the links to see the special deals happening on Amazon right now.

IRIS USA Convection Toaster Oven

How can you miss out on an opportunity to finally get an air fryer! Save your counter space as it’s a 7-in-1 Air fry, Grill, Bake, Convection Bake, Broil, & Convection Broil. Do it all and start making all the foods you’ve been wanting make since seeing the recipes on Instagram. 

Save $28.50

Other Appliances

  • IRIS USA Rice Cooker and Induction Cooktop 2-in-1
  • IRIS USA 3-Speed High-Power Professional-grade Countertop & Kitchen Blender 
  • IRIS USA Mattress Vacuum Cleaner
  • IRIS USA Cordless Stick Cleaner 



IRIS USA WOOZOO Oscillating Fan, Blue

The fan that everyone knows and loves in blue! Packed with features and perfect for college. This will definitely make your roommate ask you if they can borrow it. 

Save $11.25

IRIS USA 3-in-1 WOOZOO Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier 

One of our biggest saving is for a more powerful cooling and dehumidifying experience. This would be great especially for hot humid areas but not limited to any type of environment.

Save $67.50

Other WOOZOO items

  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Air Circulator Fan with Personal Dehumidifier,
  • IRIS USA Woozoo Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Oscillating Fan, Medium, Black
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Air Circulator Fan, Large (2 Colors: Black & White)
  • Save $5.25 
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Air Circulator Fan, Large, Black
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO DC Motor Oscillating Fan, Large, White
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Air Circulator Fan, Large, Green
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Oscillating Fan, Large, Black
  • IRIS USA WOOZOO Oscillating Fan, Vortex Fan, Small, Black



IRIS USA Clothing Rack, Clothes Rack with 3 Wood Shelves

Moving to a studio apartment or just don’t have enough space for all of your go-to clothes? Then this is the rack for you. The shelves also make it easy to store hats, shoes, purses, and accessories, literally anything you want.

Save $15

Other furniture

  • IRIS USA, Inc. Stack Box Storage, Light Brown
  • IRIS USA Modular Wood Stacking Storage Box with Drawers
  • IRIS USA Rack 3-Shelf Open Wood Shelving Unit, Slim, Natural
  • IRIS USA OWR-400BR 3-Shelf Open Wood Shelving Unit, Medium, Brown
  • IRIS USA Rack 3-Shelf Open Wood Shelving Unit, Slim, Brown
  • IRIS USA Small Open Wood Clothing Rack (2 Colors: Brown & Light Brown)
  • IRIS USA, Inc.  Freestanding Clothing Rack with 2 Wood Shelves, (2 Colors: Black and White)
  • IRIS USA Standing Metal Sturdy Clothing Rack, Black
  • IRIS USA Small 2-Tier Bookshelf Storage (2 Colors: Black & natural)


IRIS USA, Inc. IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, White & Beige


This stylish cat litter box ensures that your cat gets privacy while doing the business. The groove top also helps catch sand keeping your space clean.

 Save $7.44       


IRIS USA, Inc. Airtight Pet Food and Treat Storage Container Combo, Gray, black



Keep your pet’s food fresh with air tight food containers. Since it comes as a combo you can store food in one and treats in the other.

 Save $8                

Other Pet items:

  • IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, 42-Pounds, Smoke
  • IRIS USA 33 quart Airtight Pet Food Container, Navy
  • IRIS Jumbo Hooded Litter Box with Scoop, Navy
  • IRIS USA Cat Litter Box, Open Top Kitty Litter Box with Shield and Cat Litter Scoop, Black, Large 
  • IRIS'-Sq Square Pet Training Pad Holder, Dark Gray
  • IRIS USA 34'' Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, Black 
  • IRIS USA Ci-604E, Pet Playpen With Door, Black, 1 Pack, Black
  • IRIS USA Puppy Playpen Dog Playpen Fence Enclosure with Dog Gate Door - Indoor Pet Playpen - 4 or 8 Panel


IRIS USA  Buckled Storage Bin, 72 Qt, 4 Pack (OR same for 40 Qt 6 pack), Pearl


If you’re finding yourself surrounded by a lot of stuff (maybe from all the online shopping) you’re going to want to declutter and make room for an open space… or for just more new stuff. You do you.

Save $13.50       

IRIS USA BC Stacking Storage, 34 Qt, Dark Gray, 4 Pack


 This plastic storage is stylish enough to keep out of the closet. Especially if you move a lot, this storage drawer is great because it’s so lightweight.

Save $16.50        

OR save $19.50 for 42 Qt 4 pack 


Other Storage:

  • IRIS USA 5 Qt. Buckled Storage Bin, 10 Pack, Clear
  • IRIS USA 5 Qt. Buckled Storage Bin 10 Pack, Pearl 
  • IRIS USA 12 Qt. Buckled Storage Bin 6 Pack, Pearl 
  • IRIS USA 53 Qt. Buckled Storage Bin 6 Pack, Pearl
    • IRIS USA Medium Plastic Clear Craft Storage Box Organizer 10 pack
    • IRIS USA 32 Quart WeatherPRO Plastic Storage Bin 4 Pack
    • IRIS USA 60 Quart WeatherPRO Plastic Storage Bin 
    • IRIS USA Letter & Legal Size Plastic Storage Bin 4 Pack, Black
      • IRIS USA Letter & Legal Size Plastic  File Box 4 Pack, Clear
      • IRIS USA Letter & Legal Size Plastic File Box 4 Pack, Pearl
      • IRIS USA 5 Qt. Lidded Clear Bin 20 Pack
      • IRIS USA 17 Qt. Lidded Clear Bin 12 Pack, Clear
        • IRIS USA Plastic Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 26 Drawers, Black
        • IRIS USA Plastic Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 16 Drawers, Black
        • IRIS USA Pantry Bins-Household Organizers  Black, 12 Pack
        • IRIS USA Pantry Bins-Household Organizers Black, 6 Pack
        • IRIS USA Plastic Trash-Can Wastebasket for Bathroom-Kitchen-Bedroom, 6 Gallon, Black 3 Pack