Helping Your Pet Cope in Quarantine

We humans aren’t the only ones who had to adjust to new norms brought on by COVID-19 – it has also significantly disrupted the lives of our pets. Chances are they are just as stressed about sudden changes in their routine and are feeling extra-antsy being cooped up in the house too.

Keeping your pet happy at home during a pandemic is a decidedly tricky endeavor, but it can be done with a few thoughtful changes and helpful products.

Taking Care of Business

When it comes to basic human needs, it seems that just about everyone planned ahead and bought toilet paper in bulk. Pets have the same needs too. Not toilet paper of course, but they do need to do relieve themselves multiple times a day.

If the household is under quarantine, or in an urban area with strict stay-at-home orders, this may not be as simple as it once was. You may even need to encourage your dog to use the bathroom indoors, something you have undoubtedly taught them NOT to do. 

The best way to accomplish this is to create a new routine. Set up a ‘potty friendly’ area. Stock up on IRIS pet pads, an an ideal way to create a simple, no-mess space.  

Lead your dog to this area at consistent times during the day. You may even put on their leash like you normally would, a cue that it’s time to do their business.



Food Storage Basics

In addition to toilet paper, you may have stocked up on food and other household supplies to see you through stay-at-home orders. But what about the pets? Be sure they have everything they need for an extended stay at home too.

Not only is this a necessary precaution thanks to the current conditions we are dealing with as a society, it’s simply good practice. Having the items your family and furry friends need in case of any situation or emergency will give you peace-of-mind, all the time.

Pet experts recommend keeping at least a two-week supply of pet food on hand, as well as a month’s supply of any necessary medicines, cleaning supplies, and special dietary items.

Worried about keeping your pet food supply fresh? Try an IRIS pet food storage container. The airtight lid seals out moisture and pests, and the clear plastic body helps you keep an eye on storage levels. Casters also make maneuvering even the biggest containers easy – no more struggling with heavy, oversized bags of pet food.

Banishing Boredom

Along with meeting physical needs, be sure to keep your pet mentally healthy as well. Some animals may find changes in household routines very stressful, especially if they are used to regular excursions. They can’t understand why they are no longer allowed to do the things they’ve always done.

If you notice an uptick in troubling behavior, such as poor sleeping, loss of appetite, or anxiety, try new ways of keeping them engaged. Whether that means structured playtimes, learning new tricks, or offering a challenging new toy, pay attention to their cues and offer stimulating distractions.  

Keep Calm

On the flip side, if you now find yourself working remotely, and you have kids at home, the family pet may be receiving much more attention than usual. This will understandably lead to overstimulation.

Be sure there’s a safe, quiet place they can retreat to if the kids get loud or you need to take a conference call. IRIS pet pens can provide a peaceful place for your pet to regroup if the household chaos gets to be too much.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we go about our daily lives significantly, and our pets are no different. Visit IRIS USA to find solutions that help everyday life AND lock-down life run a little smoother for you both..