18 Essentials for Your College Dorm

Home Appliances

8.5” WOOZOO® Mini Fan (PCF-HE10)

Compromise is key to maintain a successful relationship with your roommate. If the A/C is a little hotter than you like, keep this small IRIS WOOZOO® personal so you can stay focused on what’s important.

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10” Portable Fan (PCF-HE15N)

Dorm rooms can be bland and boring. Add some variety and spice up your life with some color options! Ranked #1 on Amazon Prime Day 2021. Choose from 6 fun color options that match your personality or your room.

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Cordless Handheld Vacuum (IC-H50)

Impractical: Full-sized vacuum in a small shared dorm room.

Practical: IRIS Lightweight Handheld vacuum to clean every nook and cranny with ease

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Storage (Plastic)

Underbed Storage Box (BC-UB)

Many people associate dorm rooms as a small, crammed, and closely shared space. If you loft your bed, under the bed can be a great place to store items such as: out-of-season clothes, extra blankets, and other items not commonly used. Take advantage of every space available and declutter your space!

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60 QT Air & Waterproof / Weather tight Plastic Storage Bins (WSB-LD)

As you go through your semester, you may accumulate a lot of small goodies that can easily get out of hand without a dedicated place for storage. Keep your memories safe and sound in the IRIS Storage Bins!

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35.5 QT Letter & Legal Size Snap File Box (FB-21EE)

From notes to assignments, college is full of paper. Save yourself from a paper tower on your desk with these IRIS stackable file box!

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1.4 Bushel Hip-Hold Laundry Hamper (HLB-1)

Imagine this: You have to do laundry, but you live on the 8th floor of your dorm and the community laundry room is in the basement across the building… Hauling 15 lbs of a week-load of laundry can be made easy with IRIS Laundry humper and its ergonomic hip-hold design!

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Storage (Clothes Rack)

Adjustable Rolling Clothes Rack (AGR-2)

Small rooms, small closets. For all the fashionistas in the house, IRIS’s Rolling Clothes rack is made for you!

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Free-Standing Basic Hanging Metal Clothing Rack (PI-B150)

If you strive for that minimalistic aesthetic in your room, a metal clothing rack is perfect for you. Bonus point if you love showing off your outfits! Available in pearl white or matte black.

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Free-Standing Hanging Metal Clothing Rack: Corner (PI-C150)

Corners are interior designer’s worst enemy… or are they? Fill that awkward space with your outfits on IRIS Corner clothing rack. Available in pearl white or matte black.

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Standing Garment Metal Clothing Rack (PI-B6)

If you like the garment racks, but you also want a shelf space for your stuff, This IRIS product will be a perfect all-in-one. From clothes to accessories, to even plants, the usability is almost endless! Available in White or Black

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5-Tier Metal Shoe Rack (SPSR-5)

Because most shoes are hard to “stack” and store, if you have different shoes for class, gym, parties, job fairs, etc. you can run out of un-sharable floor space fast. Investing in an IRIS 5-tier shoe rack is perfect for keeping all your shoes neatly in one place, and accessible. Even useful for when you have a small gathering in your room!

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Free-Standing Foldable Metal Clothing Rack (PI-O150)

If you want to express your creative side when you show off your outfit, IRIS’s versatile foldable clothing rack is perfect for any space. Even great as a dedicated accessory ladder. Available in Pearl White or Matte Black

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Free-Standing Towel / Drying Rack (PI-L160)

Laundry costs can add up through the year. Consider saving big by investing in IRIS bar storage ladder. Easy to assemble and easy to store! Available in Pearl White and Matte Black.

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A-Shape Accent Side Table / Night Stand (SDT-A)

An alarm clock is essential for waking up in time for your classes. Whether you use your phone or a clock, keeping them somewhere you have to reach over to turn the alarm off can discourage you from going back to sleep! IRIS A-shape night stand provides plenty of space for your clock, books, lamp, and more!

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3-Tier Wire Rack Shelf (WSU-3)

If your room has a small TV, don’t waste space with a big TV stand. Getting a smaller shelf like IRIS Wire shelves can not only provide you with space-optimizing, stable shelf for your TV to call home, but extra shelves for your sound system, gaming consoles, and more.

Also Available in 4-tier and 5-tier, and in colors Silver and Matte Black

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3-Tier Open Wood Rack Shelf (OWR-200)

Not everything in your room needs a function. Decorating your room (or your side of the room) in your own style can effectively make it feel more like home-away-from-home. You can reduce homesickness by displaying a little bit of your home comforts! IRIS Open wood shelf keeps its design minimally-intrusive while letting you design you room, you way.

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3-Tier Wood Storage Shelf (TSB) 

Text books are bulky can take up a lot of your desk space. Keep all your books neatly out of your way with the 3-tier wood storage shelf! Available in 5 colors.

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