Create Your Most Efficient Workspace

Easy workspace improvements to boost mood, productivity

Being busy and being productive are not the same. For instance, if you spend a lot of time searching through your disorganized desk drawers for a file, you may be busy, but you’re definitely not being as productive as possible. Fortunately, you could be an organized desk away from your most productive self.

Organizing your workspace takes a bit of time, but you’ll begin to see the benefits right away. You’ll save time by always knowing exactly where everything is, and you’ll also create a positive energy that boosts your mood and sets the tone for your most efficient workday.

Here are a few tips for creating the type of workspace that keeps your day flowing:

Cut the Clutter

Are there too many ‘things’ vying for your attention on your desk? Look for ways to cut back on desktop distractions. For example, one or two sticky notes may be helpful, but too many scattered throughout your space is the opposite. Visual clutter that doesn’t serve a purpose or can be relegated to a drawer shouldn’t be given prime real estate on your desktop.

Tame Paper Piles

Stacks of paper in disarray piled all over your desk is a recipe for stress and distraction. Discard or shred documents you no longer need. File away important papers in a file box that you can easily access when needed. This file box is a compact way to store files, and can fit either letter or legal file folders, depending on which way you hang them.

Edit Your Essentials

How many pens and pencils does one person need? Sure, this varies from person to person, but the answer is probably fewer than you currently have. Try asking yourself what you can and can’t live without. If you’re struggling to decide, place your desktop items in a box on Monday and only take out what you need throughout the week. By Friday you should have a pretty good idea of what your essentials are and what you can safely let go of.

A desktop drawer unit will keep your items organized and neatly tucked away, but ready at your fingertips when needed.

Make it Shine

An orderly space is a productive space, and it can say a lot about you too. A dirty or overly-cluttered work area is often assumed to belong to a lazy or unorganized person. Get in the habit of regularly wiping down your desk, keyboard, and phone. Sitting down to a fresh-smelling, dust-free desk immediately boosts your mood, and makes you look more competent too.

Set the Mood

A tidy workspace doesn’t have to be sterile and void of personality. Warm things up with a few personal touches that represent who you are. After all, a happy workspace is a productive workspace. If you don’t mind a little responsibility, a small plant is a great way to bring some life to your desk too. Look for types that can thrive indoors in low light.

Speaking of light, don’t overlook proper lighting - adding a task light to your desktop improves your work environment and helps soften those harsh florescent lights typical in so many offices.

Remember, organizing your space once is the easy part. Taking the time to really figure out systems that work for you, and incorporating new habits in to your daily routine is what will help you stay organized in the long run. The effort you make now is time that you’ll get back again and again.