4 Products to Make Your Mornings Easier as a Pet Owner

The morning rush is something we’re all familiar with. Once your feet hit the floor, there seems to be a million and one tasks to complete before you actually leave the house. This is especially true if you’re a dog owner. In between getting yourself ready and finding your keys, you must make sure your dog’s needs are met for the day too. On a busy morning, managing these essentials can be difficult, or slip your mind altogether. That’s why it’s well worth picking up a few items that are guaranteed to make the start of your day easier as a dog owner. Here are four items that are sure to get your mornings off to a smooth start:

1. A Checklist

Sometimes, going back to basics makes all the difference. This certainly is the case for your mornings as a dog owner. While it may seem like a humble suggestion, using a checklist of dog-related tasks you need to do each morning can play a huge part in keeping your day on track.

When you’re pressed for time and preoccupied, it’s easy to forget simple tasks like filling up the food bowl or locking the back gate. That’s where a checklist comes in handy. Simply list all the tasks you need to get through every morning and keep a pen next to it. When you or someone in the household finishes a task, cross it off the list. This way you can see what has already been done or what tasks you may have forgotten, and you’ll be able to streamline your morning and save time. You can even make special lists for days when your tasks vary from your daily ones.

2. A Dog Gate

Keeping pets out of your home’s ‘no-go’ zones might be the last thing on your mind as your rush about in the morning. Not to mention shooing your dog out of these areas when you’re in a hurry or running late is a stressful way to spend your precious morning minutes. That’s why you need a dog gate.

If you’ve never thought to use a dog gate to section off areas of your home, just ask anyone who already uses one. They will likely tell you that they’re highly practical, easy to set up, and inexpensive. Most importantly, they effectively achieve their aim of safely keeping your dogs where you want them to be and away from where you don’t.

3. Pet-Food Storage Containers

Running out of pet food always happens at the least opportune moments. If you’ve ever reached into a bag of dog food only to scoop out nothing but air as you’re dashing out the door, you know the struggle. That’s where using pet food storage containers saves the day.

Not only will you always have a clear view of how much food is in supply, choosing a container of an airtight variety also ensures your dog’s breakfast (plus lunch and dinner!) stays fresh. It keeps any pesky bugs away from the food, making it more hygienic than just a regular open bag of food.

4. An Automatic Water Fountain

“Did you give the dog water?” “No, I thought you did!” Somehow, there always seems to be a question of whether or not this simple task has been completed. Why not automate the process by investing in an automatic water fountain?

Most pet water fountains contain large reservoirs, so water is less likely to run out as often, plus, as Pet Life Today pet expert Ana Markovic says, “water is best kept fresh using automatic pet water fountains because they use filters to make the water pure, dirt-free and better-tasting.” Clean water means your pet will be happier and healthier.

Depending on the make, an automatic fountain will either have a sensor which detects when your dog wants a drink or water levels in the bowl are low, or they will just offer your dog a continuous flow of water to enjoy. With this nifty item, you can finally say goodbye to being flustered when filling your dog’s water bowl in the morning.

Author bio:

Melanie Green is a writer for Pet Life Today. She has more than 8 years of experience as an educator for AZA accredited facilities, including Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and the Florida Aquarium. She’s passionate about pet safety, holistic pet health, and trying out new products.