School is in session!

Join our Teacher’s Club and start saving today!

How to EASILY join?

1. You must be an active teacher to join our program.

2. Send an email from your teacher email address with the following:

  • Subject: Request to add to Teacher’s Club
  • Body of the email: Include a link of the school you are currently teaching at.  The name of the school should match your email address.
  • Send to: [email protected]


Once all information is received, an account will be created for you.  We will send you your login information, and a link to view and purchase our bundles.  With a teacher's account, you will receive $10 off the bundles PLUS free shipping.  There are a variety of bundles ranging from boxes, book bins, desk organizers, supply cases and many more.  Your information will not be shared with any 3rd party, but we will include you in our Shop newsletters.  If you do not want to be included, please indicate that in your initial email.  You should receive your account details within 48 hours.

With your account, you will have access to exclusive teacher bundles at amazing prices.

After you place your bundle order, the savings do not stop there!  We want to see how you use the bundles in your classroom.  Send an image of our products in your classroom and receive a coupon to use on non-bundle items.  We will share your photo on our social media pages to help other teachers get organized.  Easier for you to hashtag?  No problem, #IRIS<3Teachers and #IRISTeachers


These bundles were made exclusively for your needs. If there are bundles you wish we had, if you need a larger quantity or if you are just having issues with your account, we are here to assist you.  Email your questions, concerns, or wish list to: [email protected]