WOOZOO® SC15 - Oscillating with Remote


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  • COMPACT YET POWERFUL: Small doesn’t mean less power. Our lightweight and easy to handle fan is designed to circulate your room without taking space. The spiral grid on the round circulator heads allows for better control of airflow, and superb precision in delivery. Our small but powerful fan is capable of delivering air more than 80ft away. Be ready to have your mind blown away!
  • DESIGN FOR YOUR COMFORT: Our IRIS small desktop air circulator’s unique deep fan blades offers more air with every turn while minimizing noise. All our WOOZOO fans are great for areas, but our compact design enables you to place your fan in any room or place where space is limited. Conveniently move your fan around from one room to another by hooking your fingers on the built-in handle. Try placing it in your kitchen, entryway, bathroom or next to your couch in the living room!
  • COMFORT WITH QUIET: Enjoy the comfort without the noise. Our whisper quiet low setting (26.5dB) and our next setting (35dB) is quieter than a library (40dB), making it perfect for your bedroom or in your office while you answer a conference call.
  • REMOTE CONTROL WITH HORIZONTAL OSCILLATION: Tilt the air circulator to your desired angle, then control your fan from close or far. Enjoy the convenience of controlling air from your table or from the floor without having to get up. With a touch of a button, oscillate your fan left and right and press it again to stop it at your desired angle.
  • 5 SPEED SETTINGS AND MORE: 5 speed settings to meet your needs. Start with the whisper quiet breeze to a strong gust to blow away the heat. Don’t like constant wind blowing at you? Try the natural breeze function to experience a more natural airflow in your room. Equipped with a 1, 2, or 4 hour timer so you can turn off the fan while you're away or asleep in bed.