IRIS USA Replacement Floor Cleaning Pads, 2 Soft and 2 Scrub Pads, for Electric Mop


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  • Replacement / Additional floor cleaning pads for the IRIS USA Cordless Electric Mop
  • Whether you’ve lost your cleaning pads, need some spares, or it’s time to replace the old ones; this pack comes with a full set of four (4) pads so you can get right back to cleaning.
  • Included: Four (4) reusable floor pads: two (2) soft microfiber pads, two (2) scrub pads
  • IMPORTANT: These floor cleaning pads are an accessory for the IRIS USA Cordless Electric Mop. These pads should not be used with any other electric mops.
  • Dimensions: 12"L x 5.7"W x 0.3"H

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