Computer Monitor Stand


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  • Our 23 inch wide monitor stand can increase productivity, storage space, and workplace. Holds monitors up to 32 inch (or 22lb/10kg), and can be used as a simple organizer stand by putting other items where you want to increase vertical storage space (i.e. printers, humidifiers, and fans).
  • Add 3 inches of extra height to your monitor for the best ergonomic position. Our monitor stand will help prevent fatigue and pain due to bad posture from neck and back strain;  Allowing you to work for longer periods of time without feeling tired.
  • No need to look down at your peers while video chatting. Added height will allow you to stretch your spine and give you a natural and beautiful posture. Your face will look brighter with better lighting from your improved posture.
  • Expand your work space by utilizing the under-shelf area. Store frequently used office supplies, or your full sized keyboard.
  • Dimensions: 23.20"L x 9.80"W x 3.40"H