Pressure Cooker

8-in-1 Functions + Waterless Cooking

8-in-1 Functionality

The pot that was designed for everything and everyone. Pre-programmed recipes let you forget the stress and enjoy the food. Automatically adjusts pressure, temperature, and time to perfectly cook specific foods. The IRIS Pressure cooker does everything from pressure cooking to steaming, and just about everything in between.

Easy to Use

The simple control panel makes setup and operation a breeze. The display screen ensures the settings you choose are clear and easy to read.

3QT Capacity

The perfect size to cook for 1-3 people.

Self Clean

Clean up in a flash with the self cleaning function. Say goodbye to needing to let it "soak."


Waterless Cooking

Waterless Cooking is a lesser-known fundamental cooking technique. Instead of using additional water, seasoning or sauces, let ingredients do the work. Cooking without water condenses and exaggerates their inherent deliciousness to create exquisite flavors, naturally.

Waterless Cooking

Less Water - More Nutrition

Perfect For

IRIS Short Grain Rice

IRIS offers a line of premium white rice that is carefully harvested and directly imported from the fertile ground of Hokkaido, Japan. The perfect companion to use with the pressure cooker’s built-in auto white rice cooking mode. It is available to purchase right here on amazon.

Tasty and healthy

Low Carb Rice Mode

But wait there's more

What's Included

The pressure cooker comes with everything you need to get started.

1. Pressure Cooker
2. Inner Pot
3. Steam Basket
4. Measuring Cup