Improve Posture & Productivity

With a push of a button, smoothly adjust the height of the electric standing adjustable desk from a range of 28.5" - 48.5" high to fit your needs.

All Day Use

Lasting Comfort

Achieve the perfect balance between sitting and standing to combat the negative effects of sedentary work and stay comfortable and productive all day long.

power up

Charging Ports

Comes equipped with two (2) standard USB ports and one (1)
USB-C port for device charging.


Organizer Drawer

The organizer, measuring 26” (W) x 12” (D) x 1.5” (H), is perfect for keeping your supplies within reach.


Anti-Collision & Minimal Noise

Have no fear as the built-in reversing mechanism will activate if the desk encounters an obstacle, all while making minimal noise (under 50dB). A lifesaver for those with children or pets.

One Touch Controls

The push of a button is all it takes to raise and lower your desk from a range of 28.5” - 48.5” high. The electric motor keeps noise to a minimum.

Choice of Surface

Choose from either the Melamine Board or Tempered Glass top; both providing a smooth and stable surface to help you get your work done.

Seamless Surface

Our desktop comes as one smooth and seamless piece instead of as an uneven two-piece desktop.