MAKER Homeware™ Rectangular Steam Grill Pan, Crimson Red

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Steam grill pans not only create beautiful grill marks on food, but they allow for quicker, healthier cooking. Greasy fats and oils seep off into the sides of the pan, and cooking with the lid on reduces cooking times by up to 35%. Perfect for burgers, steaks, chicken, scallops, vegetables and more.
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● Tempered glass lid locks in moisture, reducing cooking times by up to 35%
● Perfect for steaming and grilling
● Cooks in less fat
● Creates beautiful grill marks
● Heavy duty stainless steel and aluminum induction-ready bottom
Model #
Dishwasher Safe
Stove Top Use
Compatible with electric, gas and induction cooktops
Oven & Broiler Use
Grill pan body is oven safe to 450°F/232°C
Tempered glass lid is oven safe to 350°F/176°C
Do not use under the broiler
Lid Materials
Full-Scale Tempered Glass (Heat resistance 350°F/176°C)
Metal Parts: Stainless Steel (Chrome 16%)
Resin Parts: Nylon with Glass
Main Body Materials
Aluminum Alloy (Heat resistance 450°F/232°C)
Bottom Lining: Stainless Steel (Chrome 16%)
Inside Coating: Ceramic
Outside Coating: Ceramic
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