If you were born before the advent of the smart phone, it’s very likely that somewhere, among your dusty Dr. Martens and cassette tape collection, you’ve got a few overstuffed boxes full of printed photos.

Obviously these are precious memories that you wouldn’t dream of parting with, but organizing them seems so daunting too. Should you scan them into a digital archive? Assemble them into photo albums? Who has the time?

So there they sit, year after year, stuffed in a box under the bed and largely forgotten about. Or worse, exposed to moisture and heat, slowly rotting away in the attic or garage. But don’t your memories deserve better? They should be seen and shared and protected, without causing you extra stress.

That’s why we’re sharing a few simple tips for getting your photo collection in order fast, so you can protect and enjoy those photos with ease.

- Collect: The first step is to start with ALL your photos. Gather them up from every last corner of your home, so you know exactly what you’re working with, and aren’t thrown off by discovering a box you’d forgotten about in the closet later on.

- Categorize: Decide how you want to sort your photos. Categorizing by year is always a great start, and you can work down from there. Or perhaps you’d prefer to sort your photos by event, or by the person/people in the photos. It’s up to you! Choose what works best for your goals, and stick to it

- Edit: Don’t be afraid to toss blurry or out of focus shots. There’s no need to hang on to duplicates either. Keep only those photos that you consider album worthy, as well as any photo that te lls a story.

- Store and protect: We recommend the IRIS Photo Keeper for several reasons. One, it is made from BPA-free, PVC-free, and acid-free plastic, so you can rest assured that your photos are safe. Two: it’s the simplest way to store those freshly categorized photos. Each Keeper holds 16 cases, and each case holds up to 100 photos. No need to slip each and every photo into a protective album sleeve, you can simply place your photos in a case, snap it shut, and store it until you’re ready to flip through them and enjoy.

Once your photos are safe and organized, we recommend labeling the individual cases so that they STAY organized. Visit us on Instagram to see some great examples by people who have done the same and put their photos in order once and for all.

 And be sure to tag @irisusa in your photos too – we love organization!



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