If you’ve ever heard the saying “Mother knows best” before, that's probably because it’s true! She does!  Mom instinctively just … knows things. She always seems to have the right answer, the best advice, and an uncanny knack for knowing when you've been up to no good. It's impossible to get anything past her. We’re still not entirely sure if she was joking about those eyes in the back of her head or not. 

So, with May being the official month of Mom, we assembled an expert panel of mothers to share their favorite IRIS products with us and why they love them. Read on for the top-ten tried-and-true products, and why they pass the 'Mother knows best' test!


 Vivian: "My fave so far is the pink embellishment organizer. One, it is PINK, another – it keeps my daughter’s smallest toys all in one place. I also have the medium utility case in gray. I love it since it keeps my husband’s tools in one place as well. Everything stays organized easily."


pink embellishment organizer                                                                                                                                               gray utility case

Kimiko: "I have the under-sink organizer in my house. It’s easy to assemble and I can adjust the height and width I want. No more dead space under the cabinet!"

undersink organizer

"Like Vivian, I also have the utility case, but I use mine as a first-aid kit. It can divide bandages, ointment, medicines in each area, and keep gauze, scissors, and larger stuff in the bottom. I always keep it in the same place, so that if an accident happens I know where to find it."

large utility case

Richie: "I use this hinged tote to store all my vacuum attachments (hose, bags, brush, wand, and carpet shampoo equipment).  I love that I can go to one place for everything instead of having them scattered around the house. The hinged lid is great, I can get what I need without fumbling around with a regular lid." 

hinged utility-tote

Lindsey: "I really love the Weathertite line. It’s the most rugged storage box I’ve found yet. I use the smaller size and store all my kid's special papers and report cards that I want to keep. It has six latches and seal in the lid, so I feel like nothing can get inside.

Weathertite storage boxes

Tori: "My baby is extra fussy and a very light sleeper. I got a WOOZOO fan initially just to help keep the house cool, but then I discovered that it is perfect for making gentle white noise in the room while he sleeps. It’s made a big difference. I just wish I would have gotten it sooner, now that he's already a year old!" 

woozoo fan

Lindsey: "I have the pink three-tiered shelf in my daughter’s room. It’s better than the average bookshelf because of the way the shelves angle upward. I can just toss stuff inside and it stays put. It’s perfect for her stuffed animal collection that seems to mysteriously grow larger every day. Seriously, where are they coming from??" 

3-tier kid's shelf

Richie: "I use the Keeper to store all my parent’s photos before digital cameras existed. I love that the Keeper can hold so many pictures and in one place." 

Kimiko: "I used to keep my batteries all in one box, but it got too heavy, so now I use a couple of these individual photo cases and organize my batteries by size."

12 case photo keeper

Kimiko: "I also love using the drop-front shoe boxes. I can see what’s inside easily. I don’t need to take down other boxes on top of it to get the shoes I want! Plus it makes the closet look neat and organized."

pull-down shoe box

Lanelle:  "Our house isn't very big and also has very little closet space. So I use these underbed drawers for extra storage. I like that they are so long so I can take advantage of most of the space under there and also it prevents my kids from shoving things under the bed when they 'clean' their rooms! Win win!"

underbed storage drawers

We hope you learned a few tips and tricks from our panel of moms and thier expert opinions! If you have favorite product, tell us all about it in the comments!



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