Looking for an easy way to brighten up any blank wall? This hoop wall hanging will do the trick – and the best part is you can customize it with any color of yarn you want. And the other best part is ... it’s inexpensive. And the OTHER best part is … it’s SO easy! Obviously there are no downsides to this adorable project. What are we waiting for?

You will need:

  • 12” Macrame hoop
  • 6” Macrame hoop
  • Chunky yarn in your choice of colors, here we’ve used mustard and cream
  • Geometric beads
  • Leather cord
  • Hot glue gun

Cut the entire ball of mustard yard into strands approximately six feet in length. You will be doubling up the length twice, so your finished product will be around 1.5 feet long. Feel free to adjust these measurements as necessary depending on the length you want.

Now you'll attach your strands of yarn with a Lark's Head knot, which might sound complicated, but don't worry! It's very simple, and you probably already know how to do it.

Double each strand of yarn twice, then slide the center loop underneath the 12" hoop, as shown in image #1 below.

Bring the lower strands up and over the hoop, and through the loop at the top.

Pull through and tighten, and there you have a Lark's Head knot! Make sure to do it consistently each time, so that your knots all face the same direction.

TIP: if your yarn isn't as chunky as the yarn we've used here, knot two strands at a time. This will give you that nice, full look and save time too.  

Now you'll repeat the same steps with the cream colored yarn on the smaller hoop. You won't need as many strands obviously, (we only used eight), and you'll want to cut them a bit longer so that they reach the bottom of the mustard yarn in length.

Tie the two hoops together at the top with leather cord, and secure with a knot. If you lack confidence in your knot-tying skills, it's ok! You can add a bit of hot glue here for extra security.

Now it's time for a haircut! Trim the edges straight across, or get creative and do an asymmetrical line. You may have some loops left over at the bottom that you need to cut through as well. 

Don't worry if you can't get the strands perfectly exact, it looks best when it's little unruly.

You could stop right here if you want, but we went a step further and added wooden beads for a fun, boho look. With the same cord we used to tie the hoops together, we simply strung several beads and hung them from the center of the smaller hoop.

And we're finished!

It's the perfect way to bring some texture to a room or brighten any empty wall!

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Pin it, share it, and let us know if you give it a try! We'd love to see!



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