If you’ve ever stepped on an upturned stiletto or tripped over your chunkiest platforms (and NOT while wearing them) then your closet might be due for some organization. Nothing is more frustrating than a lawless pile of shoes, slowly getting dustier and more overwhelming by the minute.

Don’t put it off for another day! We’ll help get you organized so that the next time you look at your closet, you can breathe a sigh of satisfaction, rather than a moan of despair. Today we’ve highlighted our very favorite shoeboxes and why we love them, to help you get your closet in order once and for all. Keep reading to find the perfect box for any space, budget, or style.

Short on space? You might be shocked to find out how many MORE pairs of shoes you can fit in your closet when you make the most of every inch. This particular box comes with a removable insert so that you can fit in two pairs of low-profile shoes, such as sandals or sneakers. Or take it out and slip your highest heels inside. Shop here.

Short on cash? Organization can be had on a budget with these affordable yet sturdy boxes that cost as little as $1.79 each with a purchase of 12.  And with all your shoes in order and easy to find, you might save time in the morning, arrive to work a little earlier, and look at that, you got a raise. It could happen. And you’ll have this shoebox to thank for it. Shop here.

These pull-down boxes are beloved by all genders of sneakerheads, and for good reason. It might have to do with the ultra-clear door that doubles as a display case, allowing you to show off your freshest pair. Or perhaps it’s the wide size that can accommodate most men’s styles (up to size 14). Maybe it’s the stackable, space-saving design? Either way, it’s a clear winner, as evidenced by the walls of shoeboxes that serious shoe collectors are known to share on social media. Shop here.


These shoeboxes have the same features as the above boxes for men, but with added height. Measuring 7.5 inches tall, they offer storage and protection for your highest heels. And say goodbye to unstacking a whole row of boxes to open one at the bottom, the pull-down door makes it easy to grab the pair you want without disturbing the whole stack. Shop here.


Not every pair of shoes fits neatly in a box, but these oversize boot boxes solve that problem. You’ll also maintain your boot’s shape much better by laying them down in a box rather than trying to keep them standing upright in a closet. And since boot-weather isn’t year-round in most climates, they’re great for keeping dust and moisture away when you need to store them for a while. Shop here.


All of the shoeboxes in this guide are stackable, as well they should be, but we love this Easy Access box which helps your stacks stay orderly. Not only will you not have to undo a whole pile of boxes to get to the shoes you need, but you can remember which pair goes where when it’s time to put them back, and keep your organizational streak going! The door can lock in an open position, giving you one-handed access.  Shop here.


This classic box is a favorite among professional organizers for its streamlined design and affordability. The flat front is perfect for achieving that #closetgoals look we love: hand-lettered labels using a white chalk marker. Made for more than just shoes, it’s a great closet staple for keeping scarfs, belts, and other accessories stored and organized too. Shop here.

And finally, what shoe-lover doesn’t already know that OPTIONS are vital? Change up your closet like you change up your look with different colored shoeboxes to match your style, mood, or even to help color-code your collection. Shop here.


Have you used any of the boxes shown here in your closet? We’d love to see! Send us a pic or share on social media for a chance to be featured on our page!



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