MEGASTONE™ Frying Pan, Non-Stick


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  • FRYING PANS: MEGASTONE™ Frying Pan is a stylish lightweight skillet pan for everyday cooking. The thick, bonded, stainless steel base ensures rapid and even heating. Perfect for grilling simmering, steaming, and deep frying, or making stir fry!
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: Choose from the SKL-8, SKL-9.5, SKL-10, or SKL-11 to find the perfectly sized pan for your meal.
  • PREMIUM COATING: MEGASTONE™ premium coating has three layers to provide superb experience for healthy cooking enthusiasts. Superior in salter water resistance, abrasion and egg testing and is positioned as better quality than regular non-stick coatings in the market. Cook beautifully and clean effortlessly!
  • SOFT & COOL TOUCH HANDLE: The stylish wood design handles are soft to the touch to provide comfortable grip. Keep your hands safe and cool while you cook.
  • STOVETOP FRYING PAN: compatible with most stovetops, including gas burners, electric coils, glass radiant, and induction cooktops.
  • TOXIN FREE: The non-stick skillet can withstand temperature up to 300°F / 148°C. PFOR and BPA free; Passes abrasion and other severe quality tests; Prop 65; SGS-tested.

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