You Have More Storage Space than You Think

Creative ways for finding more storage in your home

If current events have taught us anything, it’s the importance of being prepared for the unpredictable. Most people did not expect worldwide pandemic to hit, let alone consider the fact that that if it did, toilet paper would be the first necessity to run up short!

But we’ve collectively learned a few lessons over the past months. You’ve likely stocked up a bit more than usual on toilet paper and other household supplies, or may have even dramatically increased the amount of food you store at home. This now presents a new challenge — where to put everything?

Answer: You probably have more space than you think. With a little creativity, you’ll find plenty of ways to manage and store your stash of essentials.

Make Room

The first step in creating more storage space in your home is to remove the things you aren’t using. Clutter is a big drain on energy and could be hogging up valuable storage areas in your home. Learn now to take control of clutter and rediscover your space. Work quickly and decide which items to toss, keep, or donate. Break large areas down into smaller categories if you get overwhelmed.

Look for Unused Space

Unused space is often hiding in plain sight! Utilize the backs of doors with over-the-door organizers. The space under the bed is also a great spot to store non-perishable items. Remember, how you store things is just as important as where you store them. Stuffing your items into bags and shoving them underneath the bed is definitely not an ideal system. Look for long and low products designed to squeeze specifically into this space. Bonus points for casters or drawers which make it easy to retrieve your things.

Go Vertical

Most closets have a single shelf, leaving the top two feet or so of your closet completely unused. Add another shelf to store lightweight and rarely used items. Don’t forget to invest in a sturdy stepladder to help reach. For lower shelves, double, even triple your shelf space with stacking drawers.

At just over twelve inches long, these stacking drawers fit perfectly on standard shelves, and are a great way to add valuable storage to almost any small space.

Out of the Box

Product packaging often takes up more space than necessary. Remove any excess packaging and take items out of their boxes when appropriate. This not only gives you more space, it’s more efficient too. Prepackaged foods like granola bars or fruit snacks are easy to grab out of an open bin without the hassle of dealing with bulky boxes. Decant liquid item into larger containers and store loose items in bags or bins.

Choose See-Through

Most experts agree that clear plastic containers are best. Clear storage containers allow you to see what’s inside, easily saving you precious time when quickly trying to retrieve an item you need. And don’t forget to label! Labeling gives everything a ‘home.’ Even if your storage containers are clear, a label will speed up item retrieval.

Categorize Everything

Keeping similar items together – cleaning products, bathroom items, food and perishables – not only makes sense, it also helps you remember to rotate your stash. To avoid items from spoiling or expiring, or simply sitting unused, be sure to move older items to the front when you add something new. You’ll also be able to see at a glance what you’re running low on when it’s time to replenish.

With a little bit of creativity, your household essentials will be well organized — even in the smallest spaces. Shop all IRIS storage essentials now!