Face Mask Storage On-the-Go

Leaving the house used to be a lot simpler. You’d probably grab your wallet and car keys and head out the door without a second thought. These days you can add things like face masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and disinfecting wipes to the list – thanks to the swift change in our daily lives brought about by COVID-19.

Because protecting ourselves and others from the threat of the virus is so important, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to make it convenient as well. After all, what good is hand sanitizer if you’ve forgotten it at home, or a face mask if it’s dirty and crumpled at the bottom of a purse?

One way to keep your face masks clean and ready to use by creating a handy ‘on-the-go sanitation station.’ Our 5x7 photo case is the perfect size for holding IRIS face masks, and slim enough to slip easily into a purse or backpack, or keep in your car’s console. 


We’ve filled this portable plastic case with disposable face masks, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes, but you can customize yours to fit your needs! Keep one in every vehicle, or give one to your family members to take with them wherever they go.

IRIS face masks are affordable and lightweight, making them ideal for convenience and portability. But more importantly, they are rated 95% effective at bacterial and particulate filtration. And since they are meant for single-use, you’ll receive less exposure to germs than when using and reusing a basic cloth mask.

As more and more states and cities mandate mask-wearing, give yourself peace-of-mind by being prepared with everything you need.

No matter what type of mask you choose, wear it, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and find helpful ways to incorporate these precautions into your daily routine until they become habit. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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